Hey, Massachusetts: Are We Having Fun Yet?

Massachusetts Insurance

Our Massachusetts Insurance Agency is inundated with homeowner and auto insurance claims. Ice dams are flowing, pipes bursting, cars are hidden behind snow banks and icy roads are making driving slippery.

Our Agency phone keeps ringing and we keep reporting claims to our clients’ different insurance companies.

The only ones with weary smiles on their faces are the contractors, glass companies and plow guys.

The rest of us are left to ask: Are we having fun yet?

The answer, here at MassQuotes, is a resounding: Yes! We are having “fun.” This is why people have insurance. This is why we are here. This is what we do.

We have insurance to protect us from catastrophic events. We sell insurance to protect people from unforeseen disasters. We are here to take claims, advise and help through times of distress.

How are you doing with all this Massachusetts weather?

The time to review your insurance is before you have a problem.

Call or click us at MassQuotes. We love this stuff.

Massachusetts Home Insurance Checklist:

Massachusetts Home Insurance Checklist Massachusetts Home Insurance

Every year Massachusetts home insurance consumers should take a few minutes to review your coverage and premium.

As life changes, home insurance needs change as well.

MassQuotes offers our Massachusetts Homeowner Renewal Checklist:

  • Do you own jewelry, furs or watches with values over $1,000?
  • Do you own silverware with a total value of over $2,500?
  • Do you have a collection of valuables, including: coins, stamps or other?
  • Do you own any of the following: Musical Instruments, Fine Arts or Antiques, Camera Equipment, Sports Equipment, Personal Computer?
  • Do you own a boat?
  • Is there a trampoline on your property?
  • Do you have any tools, equipment or other property used in your business or occupation?
  • Would you like your insurance to provide: Replacement Cost Protection on your Dwelling, on your Personal Property, Credit Card/forgery protection, Ordinance or Law coverage, Earthquake coverage?
  • Flood is not a covered loss on a homeowner policy. Would you like to obtain rates for flood insurance? Also excluded from coverage are such things such as: rot, mold, mildew or animal/vermin/insect damage.
  • Are you interested in receiving information on: Auto, Life, Excess Liability (Umbrella), Boat or Business Insurance?

Massachusetts Home Buying Tips:


The home buying process may seem complicated, but if you take things step-by-step, you will soon be holding the keys to your own home!

  1. Know how much you can afford – This depends on your income, credit, current monthly expenses, down-payment and interest rate.
  2. Shop for a loan -Talk to several lenders, compare costs, interest rates, and negotiate to get a better deal. Consider getting pre-approved for a loan.
  3. Shop for a home – Come up with a wish list. This list should include: price, location, rooms (including bathrooms), age, and condition.
  4. Make an offer – Do not be afraid to make a low offer. As told to us by one real estate agent: “There is no such thing as a bad offer.” Be prepared to negotiate and be prepared to walk away from the deal if the home gets too pricey. Try to remain as emotionless as possible and view the purchase like the business decision that it is.
  5. Get a home inspection – A home inspection is a vital part of the home buying process. Make your offer contingent on this inspection. An inspection needs to be done to tell you about the condition of the home. The inspection can assist you in avoiding buying a home that needs major repairs.
  6. Shop for Massachusetts Homeowners Insurance Mortgage companies require that you have homeowners insurance in place at the time of the closing. We recommend that you get a quote from http://www.MassQuotes.com.
  7. Sign the papers – You are finally ready for your closing. Be sure to read everything before you sign. An attorney can help assist you with this process.
  8. Move in! – Congratulations on your new home!

Massachusetts Term Life Insurance Policy

MA Term Life Insurance

Do you have a term life insurance policy in effect?

If so, now may be the time to re-apply.

People are living longer. Term life insurance rates are getting lower and lower.

If you can get in a more preferred category, extend your policy term, and pay less money, then it may be worth the effort (application & medical exam etc.) to re-apply.

Please call or click us to discuss.

MassQuotes: Your Massachusetts Insurance Solution

Getting Married?

MA Insurance Quotes

Vow to examine your insurance needs.

Some questions to consider:

  • Will you need to add your spouse to your auto insurance policy?
  • Will you need extra liability insurance coverage?
  • Will you need coverage for the engagement ring or wedding bands?
  • Will you need to review your homeowner coverage?
  • Will your address change?
  • Should you notify the Registry of Motor Vehicles?
  • Have your life insurance needs changed?

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