Simple. Term Life Insurance.



term life insurance  -life insurance that pays a benefit in the event of the death of the insured during a specified term.

Simple. Term Life Insurance.

MassQuotes compares term life insurance rates at no cost from top-rated companies in seconds.

Term life insurance offers the greatest coverage for the lowest premium and can be a great solution for financial responsibilities such as: family protection, consumer debt, dependent care, education, funeral costs and mortgages.

MassQuotes will help you figure out the amount of coverage that’s right for you at a price you can afford. Simple. Term Life Insurance.

The typical process for applying for term life insurance online at the most competitive rates available is:

  1. Shop Rates & Request Application. Once you find a policy that is right for you, request an application, at which point a licensed life insurance professional will call you to answer questions and start your formal application.
  2. Application. Complete and sign your entire life insurance application. Use this checklist to help gather additional information your life insurance company may need about you and your health.
  3. Medical Exam. Complete a brief medical exam to confirm your health. The exam is done with an examiner who is paid for by the insurance company or licensed insurance professional and can be completed where ever and when ever convenient for you. View tips
  4. Review. Wait for your insurance company to review your application and medical information to confirm qualification and rate. This review typically takes 2-8 weeks, depending on your insurance company.
  5. Approval. Once the insurance company has approved your application, your policy will be delivered to you, along with any additional requirements needed, in order to activate your coverage.
  6. Free-Look Period. Most policies offer a Free-Look period.


Life insurance isn’t for the person that dies, it’s for the people that live.