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Our Massachusetts Insurance Agency is inundated with homeowner and auto insurance claims. Ice dams are flowing, pipes bursting, cars are hidden behind snow banks and icy roads are making driving slippery.

Our Agency phone keeps ringing and we keep reporting claims to our clients’ different insurance companies.

The only ones with weary smiles on their faces are the contractors, glass companies and plow guys.

The rest of us are left to ask: Are we having fun yet?

The answer, here at MassQuotes, is a resounding: Yes! We are having “fun.” This is why people have insurance. This is why we are here. This is what we do.

We have insurance to protect us from catastrophic events. We sell insurance to protect people from unforeseen disasters. We are here to take claims, advise and help through times of distress.

How are you doing with all this Massachusetts weather?

The time to review your insurance is before you have a problem.

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Does the Type of Car I Drive Make a Difference?

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How Does the Make of Car Affect What I Pay for Car Insurance?

When deciding to buy a car, you probably factor in make, model, price, safety features and more. Car insurance may not be something you consider, but did you know that the make of a car may entitle you to an auto insurance discount?

Buy a vehicle that is popular with car thieves, and you may pay more for auto insurance, unfortunately. Buy one that has proved to experience less damage in rollover accidents, and you may save money. Buying a safer car or one that isn’t prone to theft won’t have the same impact on your premium as your credit rating or driving record, but it can affect the bottom line.

Factors that Determine If a Vehicle Qualifies for Car Insurance Discounts

There are a number of factors that determine whether the make of a car, including the model and the year, qualifies for a car insurance discount.

  • Safety and Crashworthiness: Safety is the primary reason why the make of the car is so important in determining if it qualifies for an auto insurance The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has tested the “crashworthiness” of every make and model. Based on the safety and protection a car provides in a crash, make of car and model qualifies for a range of car discounts. It is very possible that the collision insurance premium for an inexpensive car may be higher than that of a more expensive one, based on its crashworthiness, as determined by industry data.
  • Theft Rate: The insurance industry compiles theft data for all makes of cars and models by production This information is used to develop rating symbols that correspond to factors that companies use to modify the insurance rate for specific makes, models, and model year.
  • Cost to Repair: The insurance industry also compiles accident data (type of accident, damage done and cost to repair) for all makes of cars and models by production This information is used as well to develop rating symbols that correspond to factors that companies use to modify the insurance rate for specific makes, models, and model year.
  • Car Type Factors: There are rating factors that some insurance companies use to modify the rates for types of vehicle, depending on whether their performance is classified as standard, intermediate, high or premium.

Based on all these factors, an insurance company may apply a range of car insurance discounts to certain makes of cars. Each insurance company applies them differently.

Are There Types of Cars that Do Not Qualify for a Car Insurance Discount?

High performance or foreign/exotic sports car will most likely not qualify for a car insurance discount, and neither may a classic red Mustang convertible. These types of cars have a high theft rate and may have a high accident history as well. Some conservative companies will not even insure such high-risk cars.

Which Car Insurance Coverage Is Most Influenced by the Make of Car?

There are many components to a typical auto insurance policy, but the three that can be affected by the make of your car are liability, collision and comprehensive, which protects against theft and vandalism, among other things. The premium for collision coverage may see the biggest impact since most car accidents involve a collision and a car’s safety is directly related.

What Can I Do to Make Sure I Qualify for a Car Insurance Discount?

If your heart isn’t set on a particular make or model, call us before you buy a car. Not all insurance companies are alike, and since we have established relationships with XX auto insurance carriers, we will find the company that’s right for you—and your car. Let us help you determine the most cost-effective way to insure your new vehicle.

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Driving with Children: The Ultimate Distraction

The Ultimate Driving Distraction

It sounds like a horror movie or a new reality TV show, but it’s not.

It’s the ultimate distraction: Driving with Children!

It seems like kids are hard-wired to get hungry and more demanding as soon as the car starts. While driving across town or across the country, if you’re not hearing cries of “I’m hungry,” more than likely it’s “I’m bored.”

But in that second it takes to reach to the passenger seat for the pacifier-du jour you could find yourself in the back seat of the car in front of you, with a rear-end accident, possible injuries and potential auto insurance claims.

While it’s tempting to want to placate children immediately, it’s important for drivers to remember that their primary responsibility is to pay attention to the road to make sure everyone gets to their destination safely.

Be Prepared

Here are some safety tips to help keep your next trip with small children accident free.

  • Keep your mind on the road and off the snacks by making sure the kids have what they need before you hit the road.
  • You may find it helpful to keep a bag packed with snacks, activities or toys in the back seat that your child can reach easily, especially if you’re going on a long trip. Change items out frequently so they don’t get bored with the selection.
  • If your child is very little there are products on the market that allow you to attach toys and snack cups to the car seat to keep them at hand. However, if food is a choking hazard for your little one at home, don’t give it to them in the car.

Train the Troops

“Training” your children for proper automobile behavior is also key for avoiding highway hassles – and potential auto insurance claims. Making sure they have snacks and books before you hit the road is a start. The second part of the equation is to let them know that if they drop it, it’s gone for good. Period.

  • Do a final check-in with everyone before you take off to make sure that they have what they need: music, snacks, activities. Then remind your children that once you hit the road, they’re on their own.
  • Remain focused: cell phones and electronics only complicate the issue even further. Turn handheld devices off or leave them in the trunk to avoid the temptation to answer a call.
  • If the backseat erupts into chaos, keep yourself calm and your eyes on the road. If you’re unable to diffuse the situation safely or unable to ignore it, pull over at your first opportunity.
  • If you must pull over, make sure you pull over in a safe place. The side of the freeway is not the place to calm a child and is something law enforcement officers frown upon.

Retrain Your Brain

It is part of the human condition to want to sooth a child in distress, and parents are especially in tune with satisfying kids’ every need. Remind yourself that your job in the car, first and foremost, is to arrive safely at your destination.

Ultimately children respond to adult’s reactions. Once you retrain yourself not to react, your kids will do the same. If you can remain calm and firm, your kids will eventually learn to accept that they are not going to get their way the minute they make a request. They may not be happy when you get where you’re going, but at least they’ll be in one piece.

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  • Will you need coverage for the engagement ring or wedding bands?
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  • Will your address change?
  • Should you notify the Registry of Motor Vehicles?
  • Have your life insurance needs changed?

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MA Auto Policy: Optional Coverage

MA Auto Insurance: Optional Coverage

Parts 5 – 12 of the Massachusetts Auto Policy are known as “Optional Coverage.”

Let’s take a quick look see:

Part 5, Optional Bodily Injury to Others – Extends your liability protection (the basic $20,000/$40,000 limits under Bodily Injury to Others) up to the amount you purchase under this part. This option of Massachusetts Auto Insurance provides coverage for accidents beyond Massachusetts to anywhere in the United States, its territories or possessions, or Canada. This coverage also pays for damages suffered by guests in your auto.

Part 6, Medical Payments –  Covers medical expenses for you, your household members and passengers, over and above amounts covered by Personal Injury Protection no matter who caused the accident. The minimum amount of Massachusetts Auto Insurance you can buy is $5,000 if insuring an automobile and $500 if insuring a motorcycle.

Part 7, Collision Coverage – Pays for collision damage to your auto, less any applicable deductible, no matter who causes the accident. If your car is financed, your lender may require this coverage as well as a particular deductible amount.

Part 8, Limited Collision – Also pays for collision damage to your car. You must not be more than 50% at fault and the owner of the other vehicle must be identified. Get limited collision with Massachusetts Auto Insurance today.

Part 9, Comprehensive Coverage –  Pays for damage to or loss of your car, less any applicable deductible, resulting from perils such as fire, theft, vandalism, and striking an animal, but not collision. this coverage allows up to$ 15 a day (to a limit of$ 450) for substitute transportation (rental or other transportation costs including taxi, bus and train fare) until your stolen auto is recovered. personal property is not covered unless it is permanently installed in your car, such as a tape deck. If your car is financed, your lender may require this Mass Auto Insurance coverage.

Part 10, Subsitute Transportation – Reimburses up to $15 a day for car rental or transportation costs including taxi, bus and train fare (up to $450), while your car is undergoing collision or covered repairs. Coverage of up to $100 a day (up to a limit of $3,000) is available for an additional cost.

Part 11, Towing & Labor –  Pays up to $50 for towing and labor charges each time your auto breaks down whether or not there is an accident involved. You are covered only for the on-site labor costs at the breakdown site (not any parts) needed to get your car running again. Massachusetts Auto Insurance coverage of up to $100 per disablement is available for additional cost.

Part 12, Underinsured Motorist Coverage –  Pays for bodily injury damages to you, household members and passengers, unless they have a policy of their own, or are covered by an Auto Insurancepolicy of another household member with similar coverage. The accident must be caused by someone without enough bodily injury coverage. MA insurance pays you up to the difference between the total amount collected from the bodily injury liability insurance covering the owner and driver of the other car, and the limits you purchased for this coverage.

The Massachusetts Auto Insurance Policy: Compulsory Coverage

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The Massachusetts private passenger auto insurance policy is comprised of 12 parts.

The first four parts are compulsory.

They are:

Part 1 – Bodily Injury to Others. On the MA auto insurance policy this mandatory coverage is always: $20,000 per person/$40,000 per accident. This amount cannot be increase or lowered. In order to better protect yourself from liability claims, consumers can purchase improved Part 5, Optional Bodily Injury to Others, coverage +/or consider Personal Liability Umbrella coverage.

Part 2 – Personal Injury Protection. Commonly referred to as “no-fault” coverage, this part of the MA auto policy will pay up to $8,000 for medical expenses, replacement services, and 75% of lost wages. Massachusetts consumers can save money by excluding yourself, or yourself and household members, from some or all of this coverage. In general, we do not recommend limiting this valuable coverage.

Part 3 – Uninsured Motorist Coverage. This compulsary coverage potects you and passengers in your vehicle against losses caused by an uninsured (or unidentified) driver. A minimum limit of $20,000 per person/$40,000 per accident is required. We recommend you carry Uninsured Motorist Coverage in the amount of your Part 5, Optional Bodily Injury to Others, coverage.

Part 4 – Property Damage Coverage. This coverage pays for damageg to naother person’s proeprty and costs associated with the loss of use of theat property, when you, or someone using your vehicle, is at-fault in the accident. Minimum coverage is $5,000 however we recommend minimum limits of, at least, $100,000.

Coming soon, The MA Auto Policy: Optional Coverage …