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Our Massachusetts Insurance Agency is inundated with homeowner and auto insurance claims. Ice dams are flowing, pipes bursting, cars are hidden behind snow banks and icy roads are making driving slippery.

Our Agency phone keeps ringing and we keep reporting claims to our clients’ different insurance companies.

The only ones with weary smiles on their faces are the contractors, glass companies and plow guys.

The rest of us are left to ask: Are we having fun yet?

The answer, here at MassQuotes, is a resounding: Yes! We are having “fun.” This is why people have insurance. This is why we are here. This is what we do.

We have insurance to protect us from catastrophic events. We sell insurance to protect people from unforeseen disasters. We are here to take claims, advise and help through times of distress.

How are you doing with all this Massachusetts weather?

The time to review your insurance is before you have a problem.

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Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles

Mass RMV Online

The Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles has a state of the art website ( which offers an array of online services which might save you a visit to the local RMV.

Following please find a listing and links for transactions you can complete online:

Massachusetts RMV Online Services 

The Massachusetts Auto Insurance Policy: Compulsory Coverage

MassQuotes Auto, home, business and life insurance

The Massachusetts private passenger auto insurance policy is comprised of 12 parts.

The first four parts are compulsory.

They are:

Part 1 – Bodily Injury to Others. On the MA auto insurance policy this mandatory coverage is always: $20,000 per person/$40,000 per accident. This amount cannot be increase or lowered. In order to better protect yourself from liability claims, consumers can purchase improved Part 5, Optional Bodily Injury to Others, coverage +/or consider Personal Liability Umbrella coverage.

Part 2 – Personal Injury Protection. Commonly referred to as “no-fault” coverage, this part of the MA auto policy will pay up to $8,000 for medical expenses, replacement services, and 75% of lost wages. Massachusetts consumers can save money by excluding yourself, or yourself and household members, from some or all of this coverage. In general, we do not recommend limiting this valuable coverage.

Part 3 – Uninsured Motorist Coverage. This compulsary coverage potects you and passengers in your vehicle against losses caused by an uninsured (or unidentified) driver. A minimum limit of $20,000 per person/$40,000 per accident is required. We recommend you carry Uninsured Motorist Coverage in the amount of your Part 5, Optional Bodily Injury to Others, coverage.

Part 4 – Property Damage Coverage. This coverage pays for damageg to naother person’s proeprty and costs associated with the loss of use of theat property, when you, or someone using your vehicle, is at-fault in the accident. Minimum coverage is $5,000 however we recommend minimum limits of, at least, $100,000.

Coming soon, The MA Auto Policy: Optional Coverage …


Massachusetts Auto Insurance Agents Compete Online

Massachusetts insurance agents have seen many changes in the auto insurance world over the past two decades.

Companies have come & gone & come back again along with competition, state-set rates, & competition again.

With the introduction of the internet, the business paradigm for the Massachusetts insurance agent has changed. Now we have: management systems, uploads, down loads, e-mails, texts, real time, suspense & ticklers.

Agents have had to embrace technologies and invest time, energy, and money to keep up with the ever-changing insurance shopping world.

In 2008, managed competition (competitive rating) came back to the Commonwealth, along with national and online insurance companies.

For the local, independent MA insurance agent, the online marketplace has been a difficult playing field to compete on. 

According to SNL Insurance Analysis, GEICO spent just under $1 billion dollars on advertising in 2011.

Recently the Massachusetts Association of Insurance Agents Conference, The Big Event, held a class entitled: Your Website Doesn’t Have To Be Lousy.

In addition to offering website suggestions and advice, they suggested agents can contract for a whole website, social media, online marketing package.

Some of the vendors that offer this service to independent insurance agencies include:

Agency Revolution

Astonish Results

Project CAP


The MAIA is offering, for a limited time, digital session handouts from The Big Event: (

If you’re shopping for the best rates and coverage for Massachusetts auto insurance with multiple companies, you’ve come to the right place. We recommend you fill out our quick & easy: online quote request form or give us a call at:  781-246-8699.