How To Get Massachusetts Auto Insurance

How To Get Massachusetts Auto Insurance –

In MA, insurance & your vehicle’s Registration go “hand-in-hand.” You cannot have one without the other. Massachusetts is also a “Title state” so in order to get new MA Plates you must also get a new Mass Title.

In order to get the insurance ball rolling, we recommend you get a auto quote from us. By utilizing, you will be accessing numerous companies and you will be provided with different coverage & premium options by a licensed, professional, independent insurance agent.

Your Mass Driving Record (& your Massachusetts insurance rate) depends on your driving record including such variables as: how many years you have been licensed (if less than three years then also whether or not you have completed a certified Mass Driver’s Education Training Course), over the past six years have you had any “at-fault” accidents or any moving violations (speeding tickets etc.).

Massachusetts’ Safe Driver Insurance Plan (SDIP) rewards drivers with clean driving records and ensures that drivers that collect surcharge points pay more for auto insurance. SDIP is used by all Mass Auto Insurers and applies to any policy that covers private passenger vehicles.