#1 Tip to Save Money on MA Auto Insurance:

1.) Drive Safetly!

First and foremost, Massachusetts credits good drivers! The best automobile drivers in Massachusetts get the best rates. If you have been licensed over 6 years and have had no moving violations (speeding tickets etc), no at-fault accidents, no revocations or suspensions then you are a 99 driver (Class 10). The next best drivers are the 98. 

Points are given out for moving violations and at-faults accidents. 0 points for a first moving violation (although you lose your credit points – so, in fact you lose two “credits”), two points for each consecutive violation. A “minor” at-fault accident (less than $2,000 combined damage) is a 3 point surcharge and a “major” accident is 4 points. Contact us at MassQuotes if you would like us to review your driving record.