MA Auto Insurance: Tips for Teen Drivers

Tips for Teen Drivers

New drivers are most at risk of auto accidents because they lack the experience and maturity to make intelligent decisions at critical times.

Insurance companies know this and charge their insurance premiums accordingly.

In the spirit of safe driving, recommends new drivers form good driving habits early. 

Consider these sobering statistics on teen driving:

  • Automobile accidents are the number one killer of our nation’s youth.
  • Drivers under the age of 20 were involved in 13% of all accidents, yet they account for only 5% of all drivers.
  • 5,000 teenagers die each year from auto accidents.
  • Alcohol is responsible for almost half of all teen motor vehicle deaths.
  • 25% of all teen accidents involve speeding.
  • Half of all teenage traffic fatalities occur between 6:00 p.m. Friday and 3:00 a.m. Sunday.
  • In one year, drivers 19 and under were involved in close to 3 million motor vehicle accidents.

The price of a bad decision can include injury to yourself or others, loss of life, loss of life style or loss of personal freedom.

Ways to prevent MA auto accidents

  • Drive defensively. If you assume that other drivers are not as skilled and thoughtful as you are, you will instinctively become more careful and cautious when on the road.
  • Try not to speed. When you speed, you have less time to react, less time to make the right decision.
  • Never drink and drive. Alcohol can seriously impair your decision-making skills and reaction time.
  • Take the keys away from friends who have been drinking.

Adults can set an example by practicing safe driving habits.

Ways to keep MA auto insurance premiums for new, MA teen drivers as low as possible:

  • Number of years licensed, the longer the better.
  • driving record, the cleaner the better 
  • driver’s education?
  • Full-time, good student?
  • AAA? 
  • Advanced Driver Training?
  • Do you still live at home?
  • What is the value of your car?
  • Is there a lender?
  • What kind of liability limits do you carry?

All can be factors to help lower a new driver’s MA auto insurance rates.

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