Massachusetts Auto Insurance Agents Compete Online

Massachusetts insurance agents have seen many changes in the auto insurance world over the past two decades.

Companies have come & gone & come back again along with competition, state-set rates, & competition again.

With the introduction of the internet, the business paradigm for the Massachusetts insurance agent has changed. Now we have: management systems, uploads, down loads, e-mails, texts, real time, suspense & ticklers.

Agents have had to embrace technologies and invest time, energy, and money to keep up with the ever-changing insurance shopping world.

In 2008, managed competition (competitive rating) came back to the Commonwealth, along with national and online insurance companies.

For the local, independent MA insurance agent, the online marketplace has been a difficult playing field to compete on. 

According to SNL Insurance Analysis, GEICO spent just under $1 billion dollars on advertising in 2011.

Recently the Massachusetts Association of Insurance Agents Conference, The Big Event, held a class entitled: Your Website Doesn’t Have To Be Lousy.

In addition to offering website suggestions and advice, they suggested agents can contract for a whole website, social media, online marketing package.

Some of the vendors that offer this service to independent insurance agencies include:

Agency Revolution

Astonish Results

Project CAP


The MAIA is offering, for a limited time, digital session handouts from The Big Event: (

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