Falling Trees Can Cause Big Damage

Tree Damage

That mighty oak tree in your neighbor’s yard finally comes down, but it does more damage to your property than to your neighbor’s.

Does you neighbor’s insurance cover you?

Typically, If a tree falls on your home, no matter where the tree came from, your insurance company generally pays for your home repair.

There are limitations to coverage, so check with your MA independent insurance agent before hiring a contractor.

What about cutting and removing the tree itself?

Most policies usually pay as much as $500 for debris removal.

However, there is no debris removal coverage unless the tree damages a covered structure.

In other words, there would be no debris removal coverage if a tree is blown over or uprooted but doesn’t strike a covered structure.

In any case, let us check about potential coverage in you particular policy.

And maybe it’s time for a complete Massachusetts home insurance checkup.

Just five us a call … we’ll be glad to help.