What to do if in a MA auto accident


Some advice if you are in a Massachusetts auto accident:

1.      Stop. Be Courteous. Stay Calm. Your interest will be served best if you are courteous and engage in no controversy at the scene of the accident.

2.      If there is significant damage to any of the vehicles or any potential injuries call 911 immediately.

3.      Get the names of the owners and drivers involved. Get license numbers, telephone numbers, and registration numbers.

4.      Get the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of witnesses.

5.      Express no opinion as to who was at fault. Give no information except for as required by the authorities. Do not sign any statements unless required by authorities.

6.      Call your agent to report the claim.

If there was more than $1,000 damage to any vehicle or property, or if anyone was injured, operators are required to complete and file a MA Crash Operator Report with the Registry of Motor Vehicles, the police department in the town where the crash occurred, and to your insurance agent.

You can visit the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles at: http://www.massrmv.com/